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Presentations 19 December


Duong Thi Kim Lan

Working title:
Evaluating multi-values of MPA. A case study of Hon Mun Island

Supervisors: Nguyen Minh Duc/Claire Armstrong


Chen Xian Wen

Working title:
Interactions of coral reef, fish, and fishery

Supervisors: ??/Claire Armstrong


Do Hung Nguyen

Working title:
Effects of marine protected areas in Nha Trang Bay to commercial fishers and local community

Supervisors: Quach Thi Khanh Ngoc/Claire Armstrong


Dilanthi Nadeeka Koralagama

Working title:
Idiosyncratic shock assessment and policy implication to lessen the vulnerability in fisheries : A case study in Hambantota District, Sri Lanka

Supervisors: Oscar Amarasinghe/Arne Eide


Pushpakumara Sanath W.

Working title:
Impact of ‘Tsunami’: Assessment of vulnerability and social exclusion to poverty in small scale fishery in southern Sri Lanka.

Supervisors: Oscar Amarasinghe/Arne Eide


Nguyen Trong Luong

Working title:
Economic performance indicators for coastal fisheries - The case of purseining in Khanh Hoa province.

Supervisors: Kim Anh/Siv Reithe