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Presentations 18 December


Ton Nu Hai Au

Working title:
Technical efficiency of shrimp poly-culture in Tam Giang lagoon.

Supervisors: Bui Dung The/Terje Vassdal 


Dang Hoang Xuan Huy

Working title:
Efficiency analysis for aquaculture farms in Nha Trang

Supervisors: Pham Xuan Thuy/Terje Vassdal


Bui Le Thai Hanh

Working title:
Impact of Financial Variables on Production efficiency of Pangasius farms in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Supervisors: ??/Terje Vassdal


Hoang Van Cuong

Working title:
Analysis technical efficiency of some shrimp farming models in Bentre province.

Supervisors: Le Kim Long/Terje Vassdal


Mai Van Dien

Working title:
Economic efficiency of Otter trawler fleets in Vietnam's inshore fisheries - Two cases in Central and Southeast of Vietnamese sea water.

Supervisors: Le Kim Long/Ola Flaaten


Vo Van Dien

Working title:
Measurement influenced factors to the poverty of fisher communities in Nha Trang Bay, Vietnam

Supervisors: Kim Anh/Ola Flaaten


Nguyen Thi Y Ly

Woking title: 
Assess the Economic Effects of Aquaculture Industry on Environment

Supervisors: Ngo Dang Nghia/Ola Flaaten