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Presentations 17 December


Pham Thi Thuy Linh

Working title:
The effect of perceived risks on attitudes, intention and consumption of fish in Hanoi.

Supervisors: Ho Huy Tuu /Svein Ottar Olsen


Zhou Xin

Working title:
Exploring the difference in consumer's attitude and consumption of salmon versus rainbow trout in Beijing.

Supervisors: ?/Svein Ottar Olsen


A.F.M. Jalal Ahamed

Working title:
Risk perception, behavioral intention and fish consumption pattern in the Dhaka City.

Supervisors: ?/Svein Ottar Olsen


Bui Bich Xuan 

Working title:
Ambivalence as a segmentation in consumption fish.

Supervisors: Ho Huy Tuu/Svein Ottar Olsen


Han Yumei

Working title:
How can be Guanxi a catalyst for corporate performance? An empirical investigation of aquatic product industry in China.

Supervisors: Gao Jian/Lene Foss


Thittaphone Kotvongsy

Working title:
Evaluation and analysis of the model o demand on Tilapia in Savannakhet province, Laos.

Supervisors: Viengmano/Thomas A. Larsen


Jose Renato Recalde Ruiz

Working title:
Economic analysis of Rural & Artisanal Aquaculture in Ecuador

Supervisors: Xavier Romero Martinez/Knut Heen